Best of both worlds.

Japanese technology with Italian design.

A stylish range of Guzzini designed water filter jugs using Cleansui’s advanced microfiltration system to improve the quality of tap water.

A jug that fits elegantly in the centre of the dining table providing clean and great-tasting water every time.

Italian company Guzzini designed the jugs to fit into its ‘Aqua’ range of high quality coloured tableware.

The design is noted for its gentle lines and interplay of thicknesses that generates movement, as well as its clarity of colour enhanced by folds and undulating lines. By combining this beautiful design with Cleansui’s special filtration technology, we are able to give birth to a piece of tableware that is unprecedented in terms of performance and looks.

Gianni Romandini
Marketing Manager, Guzzini.

Design is at the heart of Guzzini’s corporate philosophy. Over time, in addition to achieving business success, this has resulted in a significant number of prestigious International Awards, such as the Compasso d’Oro, Design Plus, Good Design Award, IF Product Design Award and Red Dot Award.

Cleansui Technology
by Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui

CLEANSUI water filters have been used in more homes and businesses in Japan than any other brand of water filter. The word ‘Cleansui’ translates as ‘clean water’ in Japanese. The brand has already been given the highest ratings for its filtration performance in several Asian markets.

Cleansui’s advanced microfiltration technology removes micro particles from water including bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, cysts, cryptosporidium, and metal particles such as rust and lead. The microporous hollow fibre membrane is a sophisticated filter developed by Mitsubishi Rayon’s macromolecular chemical technology. Each hollow fibre membrane has a macaroni-shaped cross section and has millions of pores on the sidewall which removes particles as small as 0.1 micrometer from tap water.

In addition, the ion exchange resin and activated carbon in the media cartridge reduces limescale, lead and chlorine from the drinking water. The reduction of limescale enhances the taste of food and beverages (such as tea and coffee) and increases the lifetime of domestic appliances (such as kettles and coffee machines).

Hollow fibre membrane technology

Cleansui’s advanced filtration system uses a combination of mesh, ion exchange resin, activated carbon, together with hollow fibre membrane filters.

  • 1

    Removes large particles, dirt and other debris.

  • 2
    Media Cartridge
    • Ion Exchange Resin. Reduces limescale & soluble lead and copper
    • Activated Carbon. Reduces residual chlorine and its odours
  • 3
    Hollow Fibre Membrane

    Cleansui Hollow Fibre Membrane Technology removes fine particles up to 0.1 micrometers present in water including; bacteria, cryptosporidium, algae, rust and other micro organisms.

Clean water every time.