Cleansui eco-friendly refill filter bag system saves cost and minimizes waste.

Rather than having to throw away a large plastic filter cartridge each month, as is required for most jug water filters, all you do is remove the bag from the cartridge and replace it with a new bag.

The bag contains ion exchange resin and activated carbon which reduces limescale, soluble lead, and residual chlorine and its odours. The bag needs to be changed each month (180 litres) and disposed of in general household waste.

The Cleansui cartridge, into which the bag is inserted, contains the company’s proprietary hollow fibre membrane filter which removes fine particles up to 0.1micrometres including bacteria, cryptosporidium, algae, rust and other microorganisms. The cartridge only needs to be replaced after 12 months of use (2200 litres) and can be recycled with other plastics.

As with all Cleansui filters, you are left with clean and great-tasting water every time.