How you can save the environment – and improve your health - with every sip


What’s marketed as an attractive lifestyle to health-conscious consumers is actually killing the environment, often without delivering the promised health benefits. Our landfills are quickly filling up with millions of plastic bottles which never disintegrate as they are not biodegradable. It’s estimated that just one out of every six plastic bottles is recycled. Millions of barrels of oil are used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and the transportation of mineral water across the globe produces even more carbon emissions.

Another concern is the fact that the bottled water may be a lot less healthy than you think. Scientists have alerted consumers to the dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles, which can harbor bacteria and eventually break down to release plastic chemicals. Experts are concerned about two particular chemicals found in water kept in plastic bottles and the possible health effects of consuming them.

A potentially lethal chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which is banned in baby bottles, is found in plastic water bottles. Studies carried out by Harvard School of Public Health and the Goethe University in Frankfurt both found that worrying levels of BPA are leaching into the water in plastic bottles. The Harvard School of Public Health found that participants’ levels of BPA increased by two thirds after drinking from a plastic bottle for a week. BPA mimics the female hormone oestrogen, which may lead to severe health problems including reducing fertility among women who already have fertility problems.

Another toxin called antimony, which can cause sickness and depression, is used in the making of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and is absorbed into plastic bottled water. What’s more, the longer the water is stored in the bottle, the higher the levels of antimony. In an average bottle of water, levels of the chemical can almost double over three months – which is particularly alarming as the shelf life of bottle water is up to two years.

It seems natural that water would be free-flowing and fresh, not stored up in potentially poisonous plastic bottles. By purifying ordinary tap water through a reusable filter designed to remove harmful contaminants, in addition to gaining maximum health benefits, you can also significantly reduce your contribution to non-biodegradable landfills of plastic bottles. This can also break the vicious circle of above ground waste causing groundwater contamination which in turn requires the use of more chemicals to make our drinking water safe.

Mainstream purifiers use the activated carbon filtration method, which improves flavour and smell, but do not remove iron rust particles or bacteria. The Cleansui™ system, with its hollow fibre membrane, removes microparticles and bacteria while retaining the beneficial nutrients and minerals within the water, resulting in clean, great tasting water every time.

So why struggle carrying lots of bottles of mineral water back home with you from the supermarket when Cleansui filtered water is not only healthier and better for the environment but also arguably tastier as well.